Political Facts

During the Russell Township election in 2006, residents of Embrun gave a significantly strong support to former mayor Ken Hill, who won the election after garnering a total of 1,431 votes, while his co-candidates Denis Bourdeau and Michael McHugh got only 678 and 560 votes respectively. Jamie Laurin, Donald St. Pierre, Jean-Paul St. Pierre and Lorraine Dicaire received the greatest votes for councilors in Embrun.

These four elected councilors also received the highest votes in the entire township. Marthe Lepine, Pierre Brulotte, Jean-Serge Brisson and Charlie Harland were the defeated candidates for councilors.

The newly elected Embrun mayor was challenged when significant blackout affected the entire town between December 1 and 2 of 2006. This blackout was resulted from a rain storm that virtually left the whole town with no electricity. Hill did declare a state of emergency that lasted for many days. The 2010 election was not in favor of Ken Hill, as he was thoroughly defeated to only third place. Jean-Paul St. Pierre won this election and became the new mayor of the township, but voters in Embrun were in favor of second placer Lorraine Dicaire. A total of 1246 residents of Embrun voted for Dicaire, while only 889 gave their support to St. Pierre.