Embrun has many different neighborhoods. Excluding the Town-Centre and Lapointe neighborhoods, each of its neighborhoods is physically disconnected by open space, but much of this space may be removed in the near future because the municipality plans on additional infill. The neighborhoods of the Embrun community include Industrial Park, Business Park, Chantal Development, Town Centre (Centre Ville), Bourdaue Development in Southern Embrun area, Melanie Construction, Lapointe Development and Maplevale. The smaller district of Brisson will probably be considered as part of the Embrun community, because it is no longer acknowledged by any other municipal entity.

Recently, the municipality has taken on smart growth principles in order to guide its development in the future. The official plan orders infill and densification of remaining urban land, instead of acquiring additional rural land. The increase of Embrun’s population, which is by almost two times, will be achieved in the coming ten to fifteen years with just two extra neighborhoods being constructed.

The rest of its population increase will be accomplished by constructing dwelling units in the aforementioned open spaces between two existing neighborhoods, as well as by substituting single-family houses, which are located on busier highways, with condominiums and apartments. This plan is absolutely designed to achieve progress for Embrun.