Information on Road Networks

Notre-Dame Street is the main road of Embrun. This busy road travels from east to west so as to cross Embrun, connecting its multiple neighborhoods together. The street at its western end connects with Castor Street, which is located in the neighboring Russell community. The eastern end of it travels to the surrounding village of Casselman, which is situated twelve kilometers to the east.

While the Embrun community is progressing, Notre-Dame Street has undergone serious traffic congestion. This is partly aggravated by the fact that the street remains a traditional two-lane highway, except a one-kilometer section located in western Embrun that has a central turning lane.

The municipality has examined the probability of widening the whole stretch of Notre- Dame Street into two lanes for each direction plus a central turning lane, though the cost of this project is perceived as extremely high. Therefore, the municipality has alternatively focused on certain projects that would better traffic flow. These projects included the improvement of intersections, replacement of an extra intersection plus a roundabout, and installation of additional left-turn traffic signals at two specific intersections. The second mentioned project was completed in the year 2012, while the third mentioned one in 2011.