Demographic Particulars

According to the 2011 census, there are 6,380 people living in the urban section of Embrun. A total number of 2,289 residents are in rural areas, which are served by the post office of Embrun. All in all, the community is inhabited by 8,669 residents.

French is the language spoken at home by 57 percent of the population of Embrun, while English by 41 percent. The remaining two percent speak either a nonofficial language or equally both the aforementioned languages. However, since there are a large number of Canadian-French who change their main language into English at some later point in their lives, the number of individuals who use French as their mother tongue is higher than people who use the French language as their primary home language.

Sixty-three percent of the residents of Embrun consider French to be their mother tongue, with thirty-three percent listing the English language as their mother tongue. Sixty-six percent of this community’s residents speak French and English alike as bilinguals, twenty-four percent speak English only, and nine percent speak purely French. The English language is common out of proportion for language of work; while only forty-one percent of Embrun population speaks English as their home language, fifty-seven percent of Embrun population speaks purely or mainly English in the workplace.