Business and Industrial Parks

Situated in the farthest western portion of the Embrun community, west of Chantal Development, the Business Park of Embrun is home to almost all of the major businesses of the town. Place d'Embrun Shopping Centre is situated in this area, along with a multitude of chain restaurants. You can find large-scale business here such as automobile garages, groceries and renovators.

In spite of that, this Embrun portion lacks small-scale businesses. The majority of small businesses can be found in other areas of Embrun. However, this business park has nearly zero permanent residents because it is about entirely commercial. Although there are some residents on the Notre Dame Street of the park, these inhabitants are included in the population figure of Chantal Development. The area has several service roads made from asphalt that crisscross the area.

On the other hand, the Industrial Park of Embrun is also a popular destination. In spite of the name, this industrial park is not actually home to an industry, only semi-industrial establishments like warehouses. You can find the station of the Provincial Police of Ontario in this area. The industrial park sits only north of Business Park. It is considered as among the farthest western regions of Embrun. The three streets open for the general public in the park are Bay Street, New York (NY) Central Avenue and Industrial Street.