Basic Facts

Embrun is a district located in Canadian province Ontario, specifically in the region of Eastern Ontario. Embrun is a unit of Canada’s National Capital Region. Also, this community is also included in the bigger Township of Russell in the United Counties of Russell and Prescott.

In 2011, Embrun’s urban area had an average of about 6,380 residents. However, if nearby agricultural regions closely connected with the community are counted, this population increases to about 8,700. For that reason, Embrun is considered as the community with the greatest land area situated in Russell Township.

Embrun has quickly progressed throughout recent years. From 2001 to 2006, its urban area’s population grew by almost 27 percent, higher than all other communities in area code 613 and the eight highest in the province of Ontario. From 2006 to 2011, the increase was slower, though still greater than twice the provincial total, increasing at a 12.8 percent rate, which became the sixth fastest in area code 613 and the twenty-fifth rapidest in Ontario.

The majority of residents are French-speaking, while the minority English-speaking. The Canada 2006 Census reports that 57 percent of its population uses the French language at home, as 41 percent use English in their house. Either an unofficial language or both English and French are spoken by the remaining two percent.