Embrun  is a community in Eastern Ontario in Canada. It is a located between two towns, Russell and Casselman. If you are looking for a new place to explore, Embrun would be perfect with its wonderful people and amazing tourist destinations. It is definitely worth visiting. 
The people of Embrun are nice and accommodating. Most of them know each other in town especially the senior citizens. They are very approachable and you can easily ask them about things in town that are not yet familiar to you. Most of them speak French but they also understand English. The population of Embrun is 8, 000 but its rapidly increasing. In fact, it is considered as one of the fastest growing population rate in Ontario.

Embrun has a continental climate where summer is usually humid and can last up to five months. Winter occurs during the middle of November and takes at least four and a half months long. Spring and fall have shorter durations. Spring usually starts during the month of March when the winter snow starts to melt down.

Embrun Ontario If you are from Ottawa you can reach Embrun through car travel going eastward, for approximately 25 minutes. If you are from Montreal to reach the province you will have to travel westward for almost an hour, and it will take you at least five hours of travel if you are from Toronto. You can easily roam around Embrun with your vehicle. There are plenty of parking spaces and spots that are mostly visited by tourists are very accessible. You can also explore the town by foot and bicycle. The streets have bike trails so it’s safe to travel around town with a bicycle.

Among the most visited spots in Embrun is the Eglise St. Jacques. You can’t miss visiting this 19th-century church with its beautiful architure and easy to reach location. It is considered as the tallest building in Embrun that stands for more than a hundred feet tall.

You can also visit the New York Central Recreation Trail in. If you’re looking for action and adventure you can go cycling, jogging and hiking here. This is a great place for people who love outdoor activities and recreation. It is also a perfect place to have a picnic and enjoy with family members. Strolling down the trail can be really relaxing but be sure to bring insect repellents because bugs are frequent on the area especially during summer time.

Another site to see in Embrun is the Monument to Embrun, Ontario from Embrun, France. It was a symbol of appreciation and gratitude from Embrun, France. The monument is free for everyone to see so the spot does not have entrance fees.

Aside from visiting tourist’s attraction, you can also do strawberry picking at Fraisiere Cosmos. But this activity can only be done during the late month of June. You can also try their spas and salons located at Bay Street. You can try and avail there packages of relaxing body massage and treatments.

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If you plan to travel to Embrun you should prepare for it especially in terms of money. You should research the total cost of travelling to Embrum and remember to keep extra cash in hand for emergencies and unplanned activities. If you are not a Canadian citizen, you should also prepare important travel documents and make necessary travel arrangements before embarking on the trip.